Yasin Malik Condemns ill Treatment Of Prisoners In Indian Jails

Yasin Malik Condemns ill Treatment Of Prisoners In Indian Jails

SRINAGAR, August 28: Chairman JKLF Yasin Malik has expressed his anguish over the worsening condition of kashmiri prisoners in the jails of Jammu, Kashmir and India. Terming the continues torture, ill behavior and atrocities against these inmates as a clear violation of Geneva convention, Yasin Malik said that the hardships faced by kashmri prisoners especially those who are jailed for life is very alarming. Citing the case of an elderly kashmiri prisoner Mehmood Ayoub Topiwala, who has been in Tihar jail since 16 years, yasin said that this prisoner is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure but from 2010 he has been even deprived from the important life saving drugs. Inmates in jails are asked to pay bribe for medical care and lives of many inmates who languish in these jails are at stake because of the ill behavior of jail authorities. Kashmiri prisoners in Jodhpur jail especially Mohammad Lateef waza, Enjineer Farooq Ahmad Khan, Abdul gani Goni, Mirza Nisar Hussain, Mohammad Ali kilay ,Bashir Ahmad Baba (Central jail Gujrat) etc are facing torture on daily basis. In many jails across India prisoners are being used as forced labors. Jail authorities and rulers directly responsible for this ill behavior of prisoners. JKLF condemns this attitude of rulers and appeals to the amnesty international and international Red Cross to take note of this situation and act to safeguard the lives of these kashmiri prisoners.


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