Kashmiri Pandits Celebrate Janmashtami

Kashmiri Pandits Celebrate Janmashtami

SRINAGAR: Chanting hymns and waving red saffron flags, Kashmiri Pandits marched through Srinagar to celebrate Janmashtami on Wednesday. Scores of Kashmiri Pandits visited Gadhadhar Temple near Old Secretariat in Srinagar and participated in ‘Puja Archana, Bajan Keertan and Prasad Vitaran.’ “We were quite satisfied the way Dharmarth Trust had made arrangements for the devotees,” one of the Pandits told CNS. Kashmiri Pandit community also visited other temples to celebrate the Birth day of Lord Krishna. They traditionally celebrated the festival by observing a fast and by holding pooja in different temples. “We are happy to take out marchs as there is lot of improvement in situation in Kashmir Valley,” said, M.L. Bhat adding that Kashmiri Muslim brothers accompanied us shoulder to shoulder and we are were emotional. Another Kashmiri Pandit, Bitu Ji, said it was the most satisfying day of his life. All the participants said they had prayed for their return and of peace to the Valley.


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