SHRC a failed institution: Hurriyat Conference

SHRC a failed institution: Hurriyat Conference

‘UN War Crimes Tribunal should investigate Kunan Poshpora rape case’
Srinagar, Aug 27: (GNS) Reiterating its demand for impartial investigation in Kunan Poshpora gang rape episode Hurriyat Conference Tuesday stressed United Nations to initiate investigation through its War Crimes Tribunal and sought their help to declare perpetrators as “criminals of war”. “The State Human Rights Commission is incompetent and government forces as well as other state institutions have no constitutional or legal obligation nor they are accountable for their wrongdoings,” said Hurriyat Conference in a statement issued to GNS on Tuesday said. Commenting over the cold response from state administration, Hurriyat said it is not as unexpected and surprising. “Actually it is Ministry of Home which runs the affairs in Jammu and Kashmir and they do not care about anything.” Commenting over directives of State Human Rights Commission wherein IGP has been asked to investigation in Kunan Poshpora episode, Hurriyat said: “How is it possible to initiate enquiry in such sensitive case by state agencies when they, in practical, are neither sincere nor cooperate in investigations.” “What is the guarantee that there would be any positive change when in past they repeatedly ignored such directives,” Hurriyat questioned. Hurriyat Conference said that State Human Rights Commission is a toothless institution and has no mandatory powers to investigate incidents like Kunan Poshpora. “It is moral duty of international community to investigate these cases. The fair and impartial investigation is possible through War Tribunal of United Nations,” Hurriyat said adding it is the prime responsibility for international community to chalk out its strategy and remove all impediments. (GNS)


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