Election Politics Responsible For Communal Clashes; Peace March on Monday: Yasin Malik

Election Politics Responsible For Communal Clashes; Peace March on Monday: Yasin Malik

Addresses Press Conference Demands
1. Disbanding of Village Defense Committees (VDC).
2. Accuses pro election parties of divisive politics for their vote politics.
3. Appeal people to maintain historical brotherhood and defeat the nefarious designs of the miscreants.”
4. Will Lead a Protest March at Lal chowk tomorrow at 2 pm Against Kishtwar Incident, VDC and divisive politics.
Srinagar: Pro-election parties engaged in dividing Kashmir on religious, sectarian and regional lines. For their petty electoral benefits these people are actually trying to transform Jammu Kashmir into a tribal society .this was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing a press conference at hotel Ahdoos today. Addressing press in view of the recent Disorder and violence in Kihstwar and Jammu region, Yasin Malik said that today whole of Jammu Kashmir is being poisoned for petty politics by pro-India parties. Yasin Malik said that it is condemnable act of these parties as they for their small gains are putting the lives and properties of people to danger. He said that on the Eid day when Muslims across the globe celebrate the end of holy month Ramadhan, Muslims in Kishtwar too were going for Eid prayers but were attacked by some goons and miscreants. This did not end here, and spread like a jungle fire in which not only some innocents from both the communities lost their lives but property worth Crores was destroyed .This loss of life and property is regrettable and no religion or civilized society can tolerate this. The question is that was it a mere accident or some pre planned act to divide our society. The fact is that this is not a mere accident but part of a larger conspiracy that is being implemented in Jammu Kashmir from some time. From Zanskar to Budgam and now in kishtwar and parts of Jammu the happenings clearly reveal that all this is being done for vote politics and all the pro election parties are behind this ugly conspiracy. Yasin sahib said that he himself visited Budgam which was hit by sectarian violence. I came to know that it was only pro India political class that was behind all this and it was being done just for vote and election politics. He said that in 2008 when govt. returned the land given to shrine board within one weak, the matter was over but it was election politics of some parties which turned Jammu to hell, blocked the highway to Kashmir and tried to starve kashmiri’s. After kashmiri traders decided to cut trade relations with Jammu traders, it was the sane elements from Jammu and traders who came to Kashmir, met erstwhile co-ordination committee in Kashmir and appealed us for the restoration of trade relations. But today when some extremist’s elements again tried to poison the atmosphere in Jammu, this sane class is either silent or falling in line with the miscreants. Today again we see Jammu bar and Jammu chamber of commerce rushing in support of these extremist forces. What is this all about, asked Yasin Malik. He said that today the sane elements of Jammu will have to show some courage, stand up and play their positive role in restoring peace and harmony in Jammu. Yasin said that today these sane elements and people who believe in unity, harmony and brotherhood have been put to test and they will have to show some magnanimity and stand up for the right cause. Yasin malik said that we cannot let those elements who for their petty benefits and electoral politics want to divide us in the name of sect, religion or region to succeed in their ill designs. Condemning the recent attacks in Jammu division on religious places etc Yasin Malik said that it is highly condemnable that today people are being killed and houses and religious establishments burnt in the name of politics. While taking a dig on VDC,Yasin Malik said that this force is like Ikhwanis of Kashmir . They are army men without uniform and any bad deed by them is direct offence committed by Indian army and forces. Yasin said that time has come when this brutal force used to suppress people of Jammu region especially Muslims should be disbanded and disarmed. Yasin Malik said that today I feel proud that kashmiri’s despite all these provocations have maintained their high values of religious tolerance and brotherhood. Yasin said that today I can proudly say that while pro India parties are dividing people for their election politics, the resistance camp has never ever done any act like this. He appealed people of Kashmir that while expressing their solidarity with the brothers in kisthwar, Doda and other parts of Jammu, they should maintain their high moral values of religious tolerance and harmony. Yasin Malik announced that tomorrow on 12th august 2013, JKLF will take out a protest march in Lal Chowk at 2:00 PM. Disbanding and disarming the terrorist force VDC, stopping this divisive politics by pro India political parties will be the main slogans of the proposed peaceful protest.


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