2010 martyr Fida’s anniversary on Eid

2010 martyr Fida’s anniversary on Eid

Srinagar, Aug 7: (GNS) Three years have passed since he fell to bullets of CRPF while he was about to leave for funeral prayers of a neighbor who also was killed that day. Fida Nabi, (17) Son of Ghulam Nabi, resident of Usmanabad, Shalteng was at his home, playing carom, when suddenly he heard slogans and went out to see what was happening there. He was shot on the cheek. “But destiny had something else in store for my brother; we could not believe our eyes when we saw him lying in a pool of blood,” Fida’s brother, Abid Nabi, who is a photojournalist, told this news agency GNS. The mother of late Fida while talking to GNS said: “By the passing of my son, all my happiness has vanished; he was the “apple of my eyes”! How can I forget him?” Fida’s martyrdom anniversary coincides with Eid-ul-Fitr this year. “For my family, there is no joy or celebration, every Eid since his departure, brings to us his haunting memories. How can we feel the joy in his absence,” Abid added. The family has called for “Fateha Khwani” for the deceased on Eid-ul-Fitr. (GNS)


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