Those demanding trifurcation of JK are ‘anti-national’: Rana

Those demanding trifurcation of JK are ‘anti-national’: Rana

Udhampur August 6: (GNS) National Conference Provincial President Devendra Singh Rana on Tuesday termed the voices being raised in support of trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir State as “anti-national”. “Jammu and Kashmir has to shine, prosper and progress as a single entity,” Rana according to GNS said. He said it is their myopic political understanding and divisive mindset that they are demanding a separate statehood for Jammu. “Such tendencies are needed to be curbed and nipped in the bud.” Rana said they make a common cause when it comes to dividing the people for furthering their nefarious agenda. “As a representative and responsible party, National Conference will fight tooth and nail the elements against larger public interest”, he said, assuring the people that his party will strive hard for the legitimate cause of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “National Conference has remained steadfast when democracy was trampled by the agents of New Delhi in 1984 and 1986. It preferred to quit when the same elements came in different apparel in 1990 and unleashed tyranny upon the people by killing hundreds of innocents like lame ducks”, Rana said. Rana alleged that PDP was hobnobbing with BJP in Jammu for deriving assumptive electoral gains by becoming a partner in whipping up divisive and communal passions. “They did their worst in 2008 by polarizing the situation in two regions of the State for deriving political mileage. It is a classic case of rudderless ship maintaining pace with a sinking boat,” he said. Terming Panthers Party as “Team-C of BJP-PDP combine”, Rana said the party has bartered the interests of the people in lieu of loaves of power, “even if it meant compromising with the mandate the people had given them.” “People have understood the gimmicks of PDP, BJP and PP”, Rana said, adding that time is not far when these parties will get annihilated from the political landscape of the State. The Provincial President said the bold initiatives of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah have already shaped a discourse for the State which has resulted in sustained peace and initiation of inclusive development. “The past four and half years of Omar Abdullah led coalition government stands testimony to the sincere endeavors of ushering the State to progress and development.” (GNS)


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