Srinagar, Aug 6 (KNS): Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s Political Secretary Tuesday said that leadership of inkpot party (PDP) have always indulged in politics of trickery and used all dubious machinations to create political turmoil and un-stability in the state adding that judging through peoples’ mood they will not survive beyond 2014. “People have not forgotten how flouting all rules their patron through their own appointed man dismissed elected governments and imposed governor’s rule by a mere executive order,” Sadiq said in a statement to KNS While addressing student and youth delegation from the valley he said, “They (PDP) are the same people who have all along weakened and diluted the special status the state enjoys under Article 370 and today their leaders go around and have the audacity to talk about vision and agenda.”“Their president and her party has always been responsible for subverting the democratic process and creating political situations,” he alleged. Castigating PDP President, the CM’s Political Secretary alleged, “What is her contribution towards the state except for praising her father. The real responsibility lies with her father and party patron whose lust for publicity saw him playing with the future of the youth when he was the CM.”“Today those shedding crocodile tears on the future of the youth should have come forward when their party leaders were busy in laying foundation stones in an attempt to gain publicity and public applause,” he added. Asking them to clarify their old intriguer’s recent assertion of a ‘Mysterious Solution’ Tanvir asked, “What is stopping them from unfolding their ‘solution’ and presenting it to the people.” If the magical solution is so good they should rise above political considerations for the good of the people,” he said sarcastically “Since they are very close to BJP is the solution if any in agreement with them?” Tanvir asked adding “Inkpot and Saffron party have almost one agenda to mislead the people on the name of region and religion and solution. Both the parties are hand-in-glove behind the curtain,” “After giving up on Self Rule it is so amusing to hear them talk about some ‘unexplained solution’ and are so lame to think that people will be again hoodwinked by their dirty machinations,” he said. “If at all good sense has prevailed in them and their anti state polices are over they can come out and explain they position,” Tanvir said adding “Otherwise all this hogwash of theirs is another guilt induced nonsense.”


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