Srinagar, August 05: On the eve of the Iftar party organized by Syed Ali Geelani chairman Hurriyat Conference and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, all the participants who belong to different religious, political and social organizations of the state, condemn the continued house arrest of Syed Ali Geelani who has been confined to his home for the last five months by the ruthless, inhuman and undemocratic government of the state. We demand that all the illegal and improper restrictions imposed on Syed Ali Geelani be removed forthwith and he be allowed to move out freely and perform his religious and other obligations without any impediment and obstructions. We also declare the restrictions imposed on the movement of Syed Ali Geelani as un-Islamic and amounting an interference with his religious affairs and therefore appeal all the people of the world in general and Muslim brethren in particular to raise their voice against these barbaric actions of the government and its stooges in the state and to impress upon them to respect the aspirations and wishes of the people of Kashmir in allowing Syed Ali Geelani, who is not only a religious scholar but also a recognized leader of the people of Kashmir, to move freely and to spend his life according to the well accepted Islamic norms and traditions and not to cause any hindrance of any sort in this regard. We also condemn the brutal actions of the Army and its goons in the state including the Kashmir Police who have let loose a reign of terror and are day in and day out arresting, detaining and butchering innocent Kashmiris, only because they want freedom from India and its occupational forces in Kashmir. We request the United Nations and all other International Human Rights organizations of the world to come forward and compel India and its occupational forces to respect the Human rights of the people of Kashmir and also use their good offices on redeeming the miseries of the people of the Kashmir by making India to concede to their right of self-determination. We also show our solidarity with the families of those who have been martyred during the last 23 years by this phase of freedom struggle and also with those prisoners of conscience who are languishing in jails only because they raised their voice against the Indian occupation in Kashmir. We salute the Martyrdom and steadfastness of all these Kashmiris and assure them that their sacrifices will be remembered for all times to come and they will be never forgotten by the people of Kashmir.


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