31st July Is The Day When Kashmiri Youth By Starting A New Era Of Resistance Washed Off The Stains Of Cowardice And Non Performance From The Forehead Of Kashmiri’s: Yasin Malik
Srinagar: 31st July is an important day of our resistance history and its significance is well established. This is the day when kashmiri’s changing the course of their history started a new era of resistance with fresh zeal and the journey started on the day in 1988 still continues with full Enthusiasm and passion. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad yasin malik while addressing a jklf workers meet held in the connection of silver jubilee of 31st July at Maqbool Manzil today. The meeting chaired by Mohammad Yasin Malik was attended by JKLF leaders and workers. Addressing the meeting JKlf chairman said that today we are observing a day that is significant and important and a game changer as for as the history of Jammu Kashmir is concerned. On this very day kashmiri youth by starting a new era of resistance washed off the stains of cowardice and non performance from the fore heads of kashmiri’s. Yasin Malik said that JKLF is proud of having a distinction of starting this new era of resistance and it was shaheed Ishfaq Majeed Wani, Shaheed sheikh Abdul Hameed and many other young people who started this new journey of resistance that changed the course of our 5000 year old history. Yasin Malik said that the people’s movement started in 1988 still continues though with some what different means and modus operandi and will continue till the achievement of the goal. In Sha ALLAH. Yasin Malik said that the struggle started in 1988 was instrumental in bringing a peoples revolution in 1990 when lakhs of kashmiri’s took to streets with one slogan of Azadi. This revolution continued till 2008 when people of Jammu Kashmir on the persuasion of world community made a historic transformation from violence to non violence and started a historic non violent struggle for freedom. Yasin Malik said that now it is the duty of world community to safeguard this non violent struggle and play its active role in resolving the Jammu Kashmir dispute. Jammu Kashmir liberation has also played rich tributes to its martyr Shaheed Mohammad Maqbooll Malik remembering Shaheed Maqbool Malik struggle. Sacrifices and martyrdom for the cause of on independent Kashmir .JKLF vice chairman Adv Bashir Ahmad Bhat said that Shaheed was a pious, religious person who stood for the cause of freedom, adhered to this cause and embraced martyrdom in this way at hands of tyrants. Bhat sahib prayed for the Shaheed Maqbool Malik and others martyrs. Meanwhile chairman Jammu Kashmir liberation front Mohammad Yasin Malik today visited Asham sonawari where a young student Irfan Ahmad Jeelani, who was Nephew of JKLF district president Syed Nisar Jeelani recently deid in a tragic accident. Yasin sahib was accompanied by senior leaders Showket Ahmad Bakshi,Mir Mohammad Zaman Bashir Ahmad Boya, and Abdul Rashid Magloo etc. Yasin sahib expressed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of deceased and termed this loss his own loss. JKLF has also expressed condolences on the sad demise on the demise mother of Moulvi Manzoor of Thakagund Rafiabad.


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