Yasin Malik Takes On Omar Abdullah What did his grandfather achieve while negotiating with India: Yasin Malik

Yasin Malik Takes On Omar Abdullah What did his grandfather achieve while negotiating with India: Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Umar Abdullah who is today taking oath on Indian sincerity in Negotiations process, should tell what his grandfather achieved while negotiating with India? This was sated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while reacting to Omar Abdullah’s statement in which he had accused resistance camp from running away from negotiations with India and also had termed India as sincere in the negotiating process. Yasin Malik said that the history of past 65 years bears witness to the fact that India has never been sincere in this process. It has always used the process to hoodwink the world opinion, to get more and more time, to release pressure on it and also to Tease and harm resistance camp. The state of India has never sincerely taken any step to resolve Kashmir problem but has always used the negotiation tool to crush resistance and resistance movements. Same tactics where applied by India when it negotiated with Omar Abdulla’s grandfather sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who led resistance movement for a long time, negotiated with India and at the end achieved nothing but a fractured power for himself and his family. Yasin Malik said that it is our faith that all problems, issues and disputes are solved at the negotiating table but here in case of the Kashmir dispute, Indian state has mutilated this process so much that Kashmiri people have started losing faith in it. Yasin Malik said that I want to ask Umar Abdullah that if India is so sincere in negotiation process, what did it gave to Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah when he negotiated with it. On the question of resistance leaders meeting agencies, Yasin Malik said that Umar Abdullah instead of vague statement should come out with the names of those who are engaged in such process. You cannot accuse vaguely without giving the other side a chance to defend them, added Yasin Malik. On Omar Abdullah’s statement that Moulvi instigated what happened at Gool, Yasin Malik said that Omar Abdullah has started showing his real face on this issue. We have always said that these pro India leaders and rulers are there only to defend and safeguard the interests of killer forces. Now Omar Abdullah who at one hand says that complete probe will be done on Gool massacre and on the other and has already named a victim as Offender has proved our point beyond doubt once gain. These rulers have always blamed and punished the victims and not the oppressors that is why the young people who protested against Gool massacre are being hunted, arrested and victimized by Omnar Abdullah’s forces now. Meanwhile JKLF chairman today visited Bugam and met with the bereaved family of elderly women Fatima who was trashed by task force and embraced martyrdom day before, Yasin Malik met with the bereaved family and expressed condolences to them. Yasin Malik also strongly condemned the brutal assault on the chastity of a young girl in Kishtwar and termed it as an act of state terrorism .Meanwhile JKLF has expressed condolences on the sad demise of a young student Irfan Ahmad Jeelani who was Nephew of JKLF district president Syed Nisar Jeelani.


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