Srinagar, July 29 (KNS): Hurriyat Conference (G) Monday alleged that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in order to appease his masters in Delhi is issuing ridiculous statements. While sharply reacting his recent statement about Gool massacre, wherein Omar claimed the incident as unfounded and baseless, Hurriyat (G) spokesperson Ayaz Akbar demanded investigation of incident by some independent organization and free from government intervention and influence. “He has issued the statement to appease authorities in Delhi and though the report of so-called commission is still awaited,” he said. “Hundreds of eye-witness were there who with authority narrate the episode how BSF personnel threw out the Holy Quran from shelves and the way the religious books in Dar ul Aloom were destroyed.”He condemned the statement and expressed its dismay and said, “It is ridiculous as stated by Omar that religious cleric provoked the locals and there was a lone person in Dar ul Uloom. He was caught hold by BSF personal who were drunk and the said person was beaten to pulp and then forces ransacked and Holy Quran was thrown out from the shelves.” Akbar said that local people after they found the pages of Holy Quran scattered over the floor, got infuriated over the incident. “Nobody can tolerate and control his sentiments and will certainly give vent to his feelings. However, Omar while considering the Muslims of Gool Ramban just like him and falsely presumed that they too might be ignorant about the Holy Quran,” he added. Akbar alleged said that Omar Abdullah dynasty has lost all regard and reverence for Islamic rituals and sanctity for Quran “because they are closely related to non Muslim communities like Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.” “They are unaware about the true faith. How can we expect a fair verdict about the Gool tragedy when Omer has announced in advance the decision and equated all the accused? He demanded a free and fair investigation by some impartial credible agency with credibility and free from government intervention,” he said. The spokesman stated that Omar has wrongly equated them with his grandfather who after 22 years of his political career accepted defeat while as pro-freedom people are still striving for the freedom movement and for a just cause. “Omar in his statement has just in a casual manner quoted about those people meeting agencies in five star hotels and instead he should come openly and furnish detail if any,” he added. He should declare their name and bestow them with rewards for they have followed the footsteps of his grandfather.


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