Relationships May Fall Prey To Differences But Not The Religion. Muslims must unite to foil anti-Muslim agendas:Syed Abdul Hussain Kashmiri

Relationships May Fall Prey To Differences But Not The Religion. Muslims must unite to foil anti-Muslim agendas:Syed Abdul Hussain Kashmiri

SRINAGAR: After attending two Ramzan Fridays of glimpse of Unity in Sunni Masjids in central district of Indian administered Kashmir where religious scholars of both the sects stressed the need for unity and solidarity among the Muslims, and urged the Muslim ummah to become the ambassadors of Muslim unity.
In a unprecedented move, Member of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Hujjatul Islam Wal-Muslimeen Haj Abdulhussain Mosvi Kashmiri, along with his followers offered 3rd Friday congregational prayers at Village Sonpah Masjid in Central Kashmir of Tehsil Beerwah. Addressing the congregation, Abdulhussain, highlighted the imporetance of Month of Ramzan and emphasized upon the need of Muslim unity, said that Muslims around the world must unite to foil the nefarious designs of anti-Islamic elements. He said there are 90 per cent commonalities among various Islamic schools of thought and 10 per cent differences are purely academic. “The need is to focus on the 90 per cent of commonalities and leave the 10 per cent of differences strictly to the ulemas,” he said.Hailing the age-old tradition of sectarian and communal harmony in Kashmir, Abdulhussain said that although Kashmir history has witnessed several Shia genocides in the past particularly during the Mongol era, the Sunni and Shia scholars later realized that the sectarian clashes were the handiwork of the common enemies of Muslims.Abdul Hussain Kashmir termed the recent Shia Sunni Clash in Many Parts of District Budgam as Unfortunate and Painfull Acts that people who all claim to be followers of last messenger of Allah (SAWW) fighting, torturing, killing, attacking and destroying each other with impunity.“The example of Muslim unity is that of a hand. We can do a limited work with one finger. At the most, we can dial a number with one finger; if two fingers are used we can hold an apple or tomato; if three fingers are used we can hold a pen and can write; if four fingers are used we can lift a full bucket; and if all five fingers are used then there is no limitation. We will be able to do every big or small work with ease. Similarly, if all the Islamic schools of thought unite for a cause then all small and big problems faced by the community will be redressed,” he said. He said if a person belonging to a particular school of thought says something that makes no sense, then his/her grand ayatollahs or grand muftis should be contacted to know the original position. Referring to a question posed to the leader of the Islamic revolution and grand Ayatollah of Shias, Hazrat Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, Abdulhussain said, “He gave the fatwa (edict) that “Insulting any symbol adored by Sunnis is forbidden”. This fatwa not only resolved the misunderstandings, but also foiled the designs of anti-Islamic elements.”Pertinently, Imam Khamenei’s fatwa was issued after a Kuwaiti cleric had insulted a wife of the prophet. Referring to World forum for proximity of Islamic schools of thought, Abdulhussain said Imam Khamenei had established this forum in Iran way back in 1990 with an aim to promote unity and proximity among various Islamic schools of thought. “By the grace of God, today this forum has members all around the world who are working to promote Muslim unity,” Abdul hussain added.


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