Shabir Shah visits Budgam, warns people of harmful impact from secterian clashes

Shabir Shah visits Budgam, warns people of harmful impact from secterian clashes

Srinagar, July 25: Senior pro-freedom leader and Chairman Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah today led a delegation comprising of Islamic Political Party Chairman Muhammad Yusuf Naqash, Muhammad Yasin Ataai and other Freedom Party activists and visited the Shia Sunni incharge leaders in various areas of Budgam to encourage them to put an end to ongoing secterian clashes and reconcile at earliest.The delegation after enquiring the root cause of clashes with responsible persons of both communities came to conclusion that it is the growing threat of ruffianism that led to skirmishes between the two communities.Shabir Ahmad Shah while appealing for calm told people that they belong to the same “millat” because their God, Messenger and Qur’an are one. He said that in present world scenario when anti-Islam forces are united against Islam, all the sects of Islam should rise above secterian differences and unite as strong cemented wall against such forces. “But it is sad and heartening that instead of uniting against enemy we Muslims are fighting among ourselves,” Shah said adding that the Shia Sunni confrontation is the handiwork of anti-Islam and anti-movement elements.The Freedom Party Chairman said we should not harm that exemplary Shia Sunni brotherhood which we exhibited during the ongoing freedom struggle. He said the freedom struggle will not face more harm than Shia Sunni conflict.Shabir Shah while expressing his serious anguish over the loss suffered due toi rising hooliganism, appealed the scholars of both communities to play their role in pacifying the secterian tensions. Otherwise, this confrontation will prove detrimental to the peace and stability in Valley and will yield negative impact on freedom struggle, Shah added.


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