‘NC resorting to create sectarianism to cover up its failure’ :Molvi Iftikahr Hussain Ansari

‘NC resorting to create sectarianism to cover up its failure’ :Molvi Iftikahr Hussain Ansari

Srinagar, July 23: (GNS) Appealing for peace and calm, the senior PDP leader Molvi Iftikahr Hussain Ansari has expressed deep anguish at the attempts to create sectarian confrontation in Kashmir.In a statement issued to GNS, Ansari said it is highly disturbing that the ruling NC is attempting to once again divide Kashmiris along sectarian lines to divert attention from its disastrous performance in the government.Ansari said the general masses belonging to all communities and following different sects are worried about the attempts made by the ruling party in some areas of Budgam district to subvert centuries’ old tradition of amity and peaceful coexistence. “All the sects have been living in complete harmony and there are hardly any reasons for conflict between them.”The PDP leader said that NC is frustrated by the failure of its government on all fronts. “The recent killings of innocent people in Gool and Sonawari and prior to that, its role in the hanging of Afzal Guru have turned the entire state against it.”Having seen the writing on the wall, NC has started resorting to the old tactics of creating new fronts to divert attention from its failures especially the innocent killings and targeting of the youth by involving them in false cases,” Iftikhar added.Expressing strong disapproval of the role of the administration Molvi said the local administration seems to be working as a wing of the NC to carry out the party’s nefarious designs. He urged the officials to remain neutral and take action against any subversive elements without caring for their political affiliation and support. (GNS)


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