75% Amarnath Ice ‘Shivalingam’ melted

75% Amarnath Ice ‘Shivalingam’ melted

SRINAGAR: Amarnath ice ‘Shivalingam’ has started melting thick soon since the commencement of the Yatra on June 28.According to sources ‘Shivalingam,’ a stalagmite worshiped by Hindus as the phallus of Lord Shiva was 16 to 18 feet long when the Yatra started.”Now, only after ten days, its size has come down by 12 to 14 feet. It is now only4 feet
long. ”Sources told Global News Service that the thickness of the ‘lingam’ has also affected. “And if there would be no decrease in temperature, Shivalingam will melt completely within few days.”Experts believe that the Amarnath cave region witnessed long spells of warmer temperature compared to previous years. “This could be one of the reasons for early melting of the ice lingam but another important factor is the ‘human induced temperature’ around the cave.” Metrology officials believe that if there is no respite from the heat, many pilgrims would have to be content with the trek and return without the “darshan” of the icy stalagmite formation.However, pilgrims said their denotation and enthusiasm is not affected due to the melting of Amarnath ice Shivalingam. “It is the place that matters which has its religious importance.”“There is no doubt that due to rise in temperature Shivalingam has melted and if heat continues it can melt thick further,” a pilgrims admit.It is being observed that this year, the number of Yatris visiting Cave is much lesser than last year as the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) is strictly following the directions of Supreme Court by allowing only 15,000 Yatris to visit the Cave from both Balatal and Pahalgam route. (GNS)


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