India’s dream of occupying Kashmir will never come true: Shabir Shah

India’s dream of occupying Kashmir will never come true: Shabir Shah

SRINAGAR: Senior pro-freedom leader and Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah Friday said that the Kashmiris have been fighting against the forced occupation of India since 1947 but the mainstream political parties under the garb of democracy always tried to legalize this illegal and forced occupation of India and continue to do so.According to GNS, Shah while addressing a gathering at Seer Hamdan, Islamabad said the mainstream parties are shedding crocodile tears on the killings of Irfan Ahmad Ganaie and Tariq Ahmad Laharwal. “If they (mainstream parties) would have been the well wishers of Kashmiris, they would not have joined hands with occupational Indian forces in crushing the freedom movement of Kashmiris.”The Freedom Party Chairman said that the killings of of Irfan Ahmad Ganaie and Tariq Ahmad Laharwal should be an eye opener for Kashmiris. “This is why the pro-freedom leaders are fighting against the forced occupational rule of India, because the imperialist powers treat the honor, dignity, lives and property of oppressed nations the same way as India treats us,” the Chairman said, adding that the mainstream parties are only concerned of their power and not the honor and dignity of Kashmiris.Shah said that I have, from the very beginning, opposed the presence of Indian armed forces and draconian laws in Kashmir. “Until Indian forces remain present here and draconian laws like AFSPA and PSA remain implemented, such killings will continue.”DFP Chairman said that Indian forces under the garb of black laws have martyred more than one lakh Kashmiris since last 23 years. He said if Kashmir issue will be solved by killing of Kashmiris then the “dance of death” should not continue here after martyring more than five lakh Kashmiris since passing of 66 years. “In fact, the right to self determination of any nation can never be suppressed by the might of force and power.”The Chairman reiterated that Kashmir issue is the issue of determining the future of Kashmiris. He said India should read writing on the wall and realize the ground situation. “If India wants to change the uncertain condition of Kashmir, it should release all the political prisoners from jails, free youngsters who are kept behind bars, stop the arrest spree of Kashmiri youth, repeal the draconian laws, and withdraw its forces from Kashmir. Then, human rights violations will stop naturally,” Shah said.Shah said such goodwill step from India can be felt by Kashmiris if India will assure them of tripartite dialogue on Kashmir dispute. “We are wishing for the peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute but it is India and State government that are impediment in its peaceful resolution. They (State Govt.) want the State to remain in miserable condition so that they can remain in power.”The DFP chairman said that the dream of occupying Kashmir against the wishes and aspirations of its people will never come true. He said India should learn from the devoutness and support to Tral Mujahideen by Kashmiri people and try to find the peaceful political solution to this long pending dispute. Meanwhile, Chairman Muslim Conference Shabir Ahmad Dar, Chairman JKLF (R) Javed Ahmad Mir, Chairman Islamic Political Party Muhammad Yusuf Naqash, Muhammad Yasin Ataai and Narender Singh Khalsa also addressed the gathering. They said that until Kashmir issue is not resolved as per the wishes and aspirations of its people, our political struggle for freedom will continue. (GNS)


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