If Hari Singh Was Cruel Then Why Omar Celebrate His Day: Engineer Rasheed

If Hari Singh Was Cruel Then Why Omar Celebrate His Day: Engineer Rasheed

SRINAGAR: While lashing out at the state government for denying him the permission for a ‘peaceful’ march towards the martyr’s graveyard, Awami Itihad Party chairman Engineer Rasheed said, “NC, PDP and Congress go to Martyr’s grave yard on every July 13 but the real owners of those Martyrs are being denied of that right by putting them under curfew every year.” While addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Engineer Rasheed said that he had applied for permission in the office of Deputy Commissioner Srinagar on July 04 for leading a peaceful march towards Martyr’s graveyard but on July 09, he was informed that he cannot lead the march. “Nobody is being allowed to visit the graveyard on July 13 in this police state except the leaders of NC, PDP and Congress whose hands are dyed with the blood of our Martyr’s,” Rasheed said. The chairman Awami Itihad also lashed out at Omar for calling him the agent of Delhi. He said, “It’s Omar who celebrates the day of Hari Singh to please New Delhi. Otherwise his grandfather was also struggling against Hari Singh.”


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