Srinagar: Muttaheda Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU) has issued a decree against self-styled darvesh Gulzar Bhat who is presently behind the bars for sexually exploiting his female students at his seminary located at Shamsabad. Twenty nine Islamic luminaries including Mirwaiz Molvi Mohammad Umar Farooq in a press release to media termed Gulzar as an impostor, unIslamic, swindler and fraud who has brought disrepute to Islam by amending not only the verses of Holy Quran but also invented his own ways to propagate the religion. MMU said that Gulzar Bhat not only mislead people by fudging his name but he also added new principles that suited him. “This fraud darvesh used to translate the quotes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his own way and for his petty interests he even used to translate the Quranic verses in a wrong manner. He is a liar and a slur on the fair name of our religion and thus is being declared as astray,” the statement reads. Religious clerics of MMU have said that whatever Gulzar Bhat used to teach contravenes the Quran. “His acts are outrageous and shameful. The crook Gulzar Bhat has invented many kinds of ‘Salats’ (prayers) such as Nimaz Ishq, Bachavo, rehbar, taj, Fatima, Hujrah, Milap, char qul, and nimaz-i-bajar which are against the tenants of Islam,” the decree reads. The decree has criticized the role of his so-called followers who according to MMU in broad day light raise undesirable slogans like ‘Syedi Murshudi Ya Nabi Ya Nabi’ in his presence and thus elevating his position as greatest seer. “Gulzar Bhat according to MMU had invented his own ways to persuade his followers and had directed them not to share food and other things with ‘non-Muslims’ and these ‘non-Muslims’ for Gulzar were those Muslims who allegedly did not follow Islam,” the decree reads. (CNS)


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