Whole Kashmiri Nation will observe 13 July as a Black day in remembrance of the martyr’s of 1931: Shabir Shah

SRINAGAR: Democratic Freedom party Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah said that the martyrs of 1931 have sacrificed their lives while fighting against the Dogra oppression outside the central jail on July 1931. “The Kashmiri leadership at that time took the lesson of the martyrs but some people for the sake of power in 1947 embraced the Indian slavery after the end of maharaja Hari singh’s rule and disregarded the sacrifices of the martyrs of 1931,” Shah said. It is a fact that Hurriyat leaders had said that the militaristic occupation of India is more destructive than the Dogar rule and started their struggle against it. “But pro Indian people along with the military suppressed the pro freedom people. But Hurriyat leadership continued their struggle and have sacrificed lakhs of lives in the freedom movement. The human rights violations are not showing a stop,” he said. Shah said that the so called government is not allowing the leaders to visit the martyr’s graveyard naqashband sahib on that day so they have decided to observe that day as a black day to pay tributes to the martyr’s of 1931. The best way to pay tributes to martytrs from 1931 will be to continue our struggle and will take a pledge on that day that we will continue our freedom movement till the solution of Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of Kashmiri’s,” he said. Meanwhile spokesman of Freedom party said that a long discussion was held at freedom house between President Belgian Association for Solidarity with Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Paul Associate Director International movement Fraternal union among Racec and peoples and freedom party chairman. Shah explained to him about the various human rights violations going on in the Valley and informed him about the hanging of Muhammad Afzal Guru and said that he was hanged only to satisfy the collective conscience of the society. After the Guru’s hanging the people have lost all the faith even from the judiciary. The Indian government didn’t even allowed guru’s family members a last meeting with him particularly with his son or his wife. It is the worst thing that despite the requests from the family members the mortal remains have not yet been handed over t them and are buried within the Tihar jail premises,” spokesman said about the meeting between the two. He said that the struggle for the return of the mortal remains of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat and Muhammad Afzal guru will continue.“Shah informed Paul that 13 RR killed Irfan Ahmad and Tahir Ahmad on June 30. Despite the witnesses army claimed the responsibility of killing only Irfan and washed their hands of the other killing. Shah said that government has ordered inquiry commission but s far in the past nothing has come out of the commissions,” spokesman said. Replying to a question from Paul about the solution of Kashmir issue, Shah said that it has to be solved as per the United Nations resolutions or through meaningful and result oriented tripartite talks between Pakistan, profreedom leadership and India.


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