Shabnum Qayoom’s ‘Phansi’ aimed at to malign freedom leaders of JK: JKLF

Shabnum Qayoom’s ‘Phansi’ aimed at to malign freedom leaders of JK: JKLF

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has termed the recent book “Phansi” (gallows) written by noted and controversial writer Shabnam Qayoom as an attempt to distort historical facts and realities of Jammu and Kashmir. “Though major portion of this book is actually based on the articles written by many people on Shaheed Afzal Guru’s hanging but knowingly or unknowingly Shabnum Qayoom has tried to distort history and has based his so called facts on mere assumption and supposition,” JKLF vice Chairman Advocate Bashir Ahmad Bhat in a statement issued to Global News Service said. Taking a dig at Qayoom, JKLF Vice Chairman said the tragedy of Kashmir is that the people who have been nourished by Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad and Kuka Parray portray themselves as the real propagators of truth. “These people have been elevated so much that now they are sitting at the helm of issuing fatwas against resistance leaders and penning down distorted history of Jammu Kashmir.” He said the so called author has always resorted to controversies like this. “The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has said that a man who propagates what he listens without proving and probing is a ‘big lair’. This so called writer has always written false and baseless things and hence stands exposed as a liar,” Bhat said. Bhat alleged that the so called author is using fake names to malign people he dislikes. “He says that he is standing for Azadi but ironically secures an Indian registration for his paper in these years.” Advocate Bashir said that as a responsible person it is my duty to defend those who have sacrificed for the freedom movement and even today stand for the same cause. “We cannot let anybody malign our leaders and ideology that too, by spreading false and baseless stories.” We hope the intellectual and journalist fraternity will themselves take an action against this mutilation of historical facts so that the minds of our next generation are not dispersed and facts not distorted, Advocate Bhat added. (GNS)


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