Day Will Come Soon When Killers And Tyrants Will Have To Answer For Their Crimes Against Humanity: Yasin Malik

Day Will Come Soon When Killers And Tyrants Will Have To Answer For Their Crimes Against Humanity: Yasin Malik

Yasin Malik Reaches Markundal and Koundbal. Expresses Condolences To The Bereaved Families Of Martyrs.
SRINAGAR: Chairman Jammu Kashmir liberation front Mohammad Yasin Malik who was set free from house arrest last night today reached Sonawari and met with the families of two recent martyrs. Yasin Sahib who was under house arrest from 1st July 2013 was released last night early morning left for Markundal and koundabal. Police had laid hurdles and blockades on all the roads but Yasin sahib and the delegation by passed all barricades and hurdles and after a long and tough journey managed to reach Markundal Hajin. Yasin sahib and the members of delegation which included leaders Mohammad Yasin Bhat,Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Bashir Kashmiri, Showkat A Dar, Bashir Sumbali etc, went to the house of martyred youth Irfan Nabi Ganai and met his bereaved family .after consoling them Yasin Malik started his journey towards Koundabal where he went to the house of martyr Tariq Ahmad and expressed his solidarity with his family. On the occasions Yasin sahib also addressed the people present at both places. In his address Yasin sahib said that both these young students who had a shining carrier were murdered by Indian army in cold blood. Yasin sahib said that today Jammu Kashmir has been turned into a police state where every space for peaceful political activity has been choked. We are not even being allowed to express our sympathies and condolences to the bereaved, by so called democratic country and rulers while as on contrary pro India politicians and leaders who while sitting in assembly and parliament are actually safeguarding the interests of this killer army and forces, who make laws and pass ordinances to protect these killers, endeavor to protect these forces from legal process and prosecutions and who act like bonded labor of the army and other forces have been provided with every space to go any where. Yasin Malik said that this one sided approach of so called rulers who call themselves as democrats clearly exposes them before the world and it proves that Indian democracy turns into worst kind of dictatorship as soon it crosses the Lakhanpor Crossing. Yasin sahib said that these undemocratic, unethical, inhuman and uncivilized barricades and barriers clearly show that state of Jammu Kashmir is being governed by army and forces and the so called puppets who actually work as labor to these forces is just a rubber stamp to provide immunity to these killer forces. Yasin sahib said that martyr Irfan Nabi and after him martyr Tariq Ahmad were killed in cold blood by the army but now the army and its puppets are making a noise that they were not killed by the army but actually fired upon by a renegade working with army. What a pity, army to safeguard itself and its personal putting blame on a renegade now. This should also act as an eye opener for those renegades who are betraying their nation and work with army and forces and kill their own kashmiri brethren. They should realize how Indian army and Indian politicians use them and whenever time comes put them as a scapegoat to save their personal from the clutches of law. Yasin sahib questioned that how is it possible for any one to kill any one with out orders. It is the crime of Indian army and forces and these killings and atrocities are direct consequence of laws passed by assembly and Indian parliament, added Malik. He said that on one side our little and innocents are being killed and on other side world, civil society and human rights champions are maintaining their criminal silence over these. This clearly shows that today’s world also denounces peaceful struggle and gives a priority to violence only. Yasin said that this criminal attitude and silence of the world and civil societies on innocent killings in Kashmir would prove to be disastrous and no one would be safe if this criminal behavior continues. Yasin sahib paid rich tributes to the martyrs and expressed solidarity with their bereaved families and hoped that day will come soon when killers and tyrants will have to answer for their crimes against humanity.


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