Kashmiri Nation Prays For The Speedy Recovery Of Nelson Mandela “Nelson Mandela is a Political Hero”: Shabir Shah

Kashmiri Nation Prays For The Speedy Recovery Of Nelson Mandela  “Nelson Mandela is a Political Hero”: Shabir Shah

SRINAGAR: Democratic Freedom Party Chairman Shabir Ahmad shah Thursday said that though the time of the freedom struggle of the black Africans and Kashmiri’s is same but the difference is that Africans have achieved freedom while Kashmiri’s are still fighting for the same. “I remember when I was serving sentence in jail during 1990’s against the Indian government, South Africa’s National Congress leader nelson Mandela was also serving jail for his fight against the apartheid government in his country. Under pressure from the international levels Nelson Mandela was released in the year 1990 after being in jail for about 27 years and negotiations were started between the apartheid government and the black resistance leaders,” he said. The negotiations went on for four years and the government ultimately had to bow before the human values and political wisdom that Mandela had inculcated in himself. Nelson Mandela was elected president of the country with huge majority through free and fair elections. Nelson Mandela held the office from 1994 and for four years he brought a government where there was no place for any kind of discrimination between the humans on any basis whether colour, creed, language or any other basis. “We have high regards for Nelson Mandela and accept him as a political hero. As he is suffering from serious illness, whole Kashmiri nation pays for his speedy recovery. As there are many similarities between the resistance movement of Africans and Kashmiris, I assure Indian government that after Azadi we will forget all the oppression that they have inflicted on us. We will have better relation with them on the basis of humanity. We also hope that the Indian people will impress upon their leaders to accept the right to self determination of Kashmiri’s,” Shah said.
Meanwhile spokesman of Freedom Pay has apologized to Sikh Students Federation for the inability of Freedom Party Chairman in participating in the Shimla conference for as he is under continuous house arrest. Ghulam Muhammad Khan, Irfan Ahmad, Muhammad Shafi and Abdul Ahad from freedom party were stopped by police while they were on their way to Sonawari to express their sympathies with the family members of Shaheed Irfan and shaheed Tariq.


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