KUSU opposes Salman Khursid’s visit, ‘Will not allow ‘Indianism’ in varsity’

Srinagar, Jun 28: Categorically opposing the upcoming visit of Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid to varsity the Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) has said the University of Kashmir is being increasingly turned into a hub of Indian occupational schemes and experiments. “KUSU categorically rejects and opposes the theatrics of Indian occupation in the varsity in the form of Indian politicians, apologists and anyone singing the Indian tune in the least bit,” KUSU in a statement issued to Global News Service on Friday said. “The students of University of Kashmir will oppose every such visit of any Indian or Kashmiri to the varsity who is even remotely associated with Indian occupational machinery in any respect,” KUSU held. The Union alleged that Vice Chancellor, KU, Prof Talat Ahmad rather than focusing on delivering quality education is hell bent on fulfilling his political duties by giving space to Indian and pro-occupation Kashmiri politicians. “Talat is a politically nominated VC. Indians from across the spectrum of occupational apparatus visit the campus to propagate and strengthen “Indianism” in the varsity.” The Union said that Indian National Congress (INC) leader, Rahul Gandhi invades the campus with active support of administration and lectures youth about forgetting past by moving ahead with a ‘progressive’ India. “Apologists of Indian occupation facilitated by administration also come to KU via a subtle invasion and then mockingly end up asking us to again explain to them what Kashmiri nation has repeatedly said over the last 65 years – freedom from Indian occupation. The Students Union in a statement said that Kashmiris are better off without the hypocritic and deceitful empathies of Indians who wish to integrate Kashmir with India by any possible means. “KU is the highest seat of learning in Kashmir and students will not allow it to fall prey to Indian occupational politics and meek surrender of “House-Negro” administration of University,” KUSU added. (GNS)


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