Let you all choose one constituency in Kashmir and compete us for proving who really represents Kashmiri’s. Yasin Malik To leave Doda with relief again on 18th of June.
Srinagar: Profreedom camp represent the sentiments and sacrifices of people of Jammu Kashmir and their representative character is well established and known. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while commenting on the recent statement of congress leader Saif ud din Soz in which Soz had challenged resistance camp to prove their representative character in elections. Yasin Malik said, that Mr Soz is asking us to prove our representative character through Indian elections that are held under Indian constitution and are conducted by Indian election commission, bureaucracy, army, police and other officials. He said that every one participating in these elections has to take oath of loyalty with India and safeguarding its interests. Now how can the people who don’t accept Indian constitution and presence in Kashmir, who are fighting for Azadi and whose point of view in this regard is well known ,participate in elections like these, asked Yasin Malik . In fact these elections have nothing to do with anybody’s representative character as United Nations in 1950’s has clearly said These as only meant for running day to day affairs of the state. Even the parties who participate in these elections including Mr Soz’s ask people for votes for roads, drains and other day to day things like that. Yasin Malik that these kinds of demands are actually politically motivated Assumption and Supposition, and have no bearing on the reality at all. While challenging Mr. Soz and all other pro India politicians and parties, Yasin Malik said that if these people think that pro freedom leaders and parties have no representative character, let them all get together and choose a constituency in Kashmir and compete us for proving representative character. Let this election process be conducted by the civil society in Kashmir with a sole purpose of proving who really represents Kashmiri people. If at all Mr Soz believes in his own statement he should not shy away from this challenge, said Yasin Malik. He said that if resistance camp is defeated in this election, I hereby announce that I will quit politics. He said that the fact of matter is that these Indian elections and assembly members and the assembly are responsible for the miseries of people of Jammu Kashmir. It is this process and assembly which provides a shield and legal cover to the killers of kashmiri’s. It is this assembly that is prolonging the oppression and repression on kashmiris and any body who takes part in these elections is actually enemy of Kashmir and kashmiri’s,said yasin. Malik sahib said that India has been propagating these elections as a referendum in its favor thus negating the sacrifices rendered by kashmiri’s for the resolution of internationally recognized Kashmir dispute. About the double speak of national conference and congress leaders on the issue of relief work in Doda from which Yasin Malik and JKLF was barred, Yasin sahib said that it is ironical that today both these parties who are running the coalition government in Kashmir condemn our arrest in Doda and barring us from distributing relief goods among earthquake victims. We want to ask them that if both of your parties did not stop us in Doda than who is actually running this state. Yasin Malik announced that he and his team will leave for Doda again on 18th June 2013 and will try to reach suffering people of Doda and provide them the relief from their kashmiri brethren.


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