We are not those who on a phone call change ideologies and sympathies for lust of power, money and other benefits. JKLF

We are not those who on a phone call change ideologies and sympathies for lust of power, money and other benefits. JKLF

Srinagar :-Jammu Kashmir liberation front and its leadership represent a people’s ideology. We are not those who on a phone call change ideologies and sympathies for lust of power, money and other benefits. This was stated by the district president Budgam JKLF Gulzar Ahmad Pahalwan in a press statement released in response to Anjuman Shrie Shiyan statement issued day before. District president in his response said that JKLF and its leader Mohammad Yasin Malik are firmly and consistently striving for the independence of Jammu Kashmir and this organization or its leadership cannot be stopped from talking about its mission and struggle from any stage or forum. Gulzar said that the statement of Anjuman Shrei Shian in this regard in which they had claimed that it was only time restraint for which Yasin Malik was not able to deliver his speech at university programme is a bundle of leis. Gulzar said that whole world knows that anjuman shrei shiyan who were organizers of the said meeting had submitted ten names of speakers to police and university authorities and the name of JKLF and Mohammad yasin Malik was not figuring in the list. Also the organizers had given in writing that no resistance politics or political speech or talk will be delivered from the stage. This fact has even been reported by a daily news papers. Also the agony and Anxiety on the faces of organizers as soon as Yasin Malik entered the hall and their meeting in the back stage revealed that something was wrong with them. Yasin Malik and his colleagues entered the hall at 11:10 a.m .and minutes after their arrival Anjuman Shre i Shiyan member Gulam Mohammad Nagoo came to JKLF leader showkat ahmad bakhshi and asked him to convince yasin sahib for not talking about resistance movement in his speech. It is ironical that if anjuman shre I shiyan had pledged authorities of these things why did they invite resistance leader like yasin malik. Now anjuman sharei shiyan by propagating a false and bundle of lies in this regard are actually trying to conceal truth.
District budgam said that Anjuman will get nothing from these leis and falsehood. District president said that JKLF believes in One-dimensional politics. We don’t practice Two-dimensional politics like many others. From its birth JKLF has pursued this path of thorns.
JKLF does not believe in issuing press notes in favor of azadi and on the other hand casting votes in Indian elections. JKLF also does not believe in making money, bungalows, shopping malls and cars worth Crores out of resistance movement. We are the pioneers of this present movement and stand where we have been at the start of this movement. Mr. gulzar said that it was Anjunman Sher I shiyan leader Agha Syed Hassan Sahib who played a pivotal role in breaking the united Hurriyat. He declared Mirwaiz Umar sahib as traitor and joined Geealni sahib but after only few months Repented and came back with mirwaiz sahib. Both times it was a mere phone call and lust of Benefits that made him take these u turns.Gulzar said that people should know that it was these people who after taking oath on Quran in 1987 ,joined Muslim Mutihida Mahaz .whole Jammu Kashmir was backing MUF for Azadi but these people chose the other way and joined national conference congress collation. The fact of the matter is that these people right from 1995 have been taking part in Indian elections directly and indirectly and people like these have no moral value to talk about those who are the pioneers of Revolution and symbols of freedom for kashmiri’s. President JKLF said that JKLF leadership knows many things and many facts are still buried in their hearts and in the larger interests of Tehreek we have been keeping these facts buried. Jklf district president said that it would have been appropriate on the part of Anjuman shar e I shiyan to make an apology to Yasin Malik for misbehaving with him but instead of this they are trying to forge facts with their leis. On the statement of Anjuman Sher I shiyan that Yasin Malik knew only I me and myself, JKLF district president said that it is Yasin Malik and JKLF that have launched many leaders in Kashmir. It was Yasin Malik who took world famous leaders visiting him to Budgam as a goodwill gesture because JKLF believes in giving priority to others. But ironically it was Agha Hassan sahib who did other way around by inviting pro India leader and Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir to inaugurate his shopping mall. The fact of the matter is that everyone has expectations but it cannot be a one sided affair. Mohammad Yasin Malik and JKLF have been striving for the honor, dignity and independent ideology of people of Jammu Kashmir and we cannot trate any disgrace of these thingsole


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