Nasir Castigates Mufti’s Sudden Appearance After 4 ½ Years

Nasir Castigates Mufti’s Sudden Appearance After 4 ½ Years

KOKERNAG: The ruling National Conference (NC) Thursday lambasted the PDP calling them a group of “opportunist politicians”, who suddenly got woken up by NC’s massive contact program.
“Mufti has suddenly woken up from a deep slumber and toured Anantnag thinking that he can hoodwink people but he is highly mistaken,” Nasir Aslam Wani, NC Provincial president said while addressing a workers convention at Kokernag in south Kashmir.“His sudden visit after 4/12 years not only shows his frustration but also their opportunistic politics that they can take people for a ride. These people lack credibility, morality, ethics and integrity.”
PDP and its leaders, Wani said, have no shame that they show their face to their electorate only to feed media while as in reality they use poor people to meet their political ends. “This party is based on treachery and deceit.”The NC leader said that for four and a half years, PDP were enjoying their lavish lifestyle suddenly now that the elections are near they have started showing their faces. “Party’s vigorous contact program with the people has unnerved them and they have suddenly come out of their shells,” he said, adding, “People will show them their right place and teach them a lesson that they can no longer play with their sentiment and emotion.”


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