Present Govt’s Non-Performance Cause Of People’s Miseries: Bhat

Present Govt’s Non-Performance Cause Of People’s Miseries: Bhat

Srinagar May 17, 2013: Peoples Democratic Party senior leader and MLA Bandipore Nizamudin Bhat has stated that Jammu and Kashmir state cannot progress without resolution of Kashmir dispute and building a trust with the incoming elected government in Pakistan was also a pre- requisite.
In a statement issued after a thorough constituency tour he said that besides the perpetual instability, the non performance of present dispensation in the state has compounded people’s miseries. He lamented that people in far-flung areas are living in a constant fear and economic deprivation.
“Now is the time, powers realize that peace in the region cannot be restored without understanding and friendship between India and Pakistan. A historic opportunity is offered in the realism of two peoples of India and Pakistan who have a greater stake in peace and stability”, he said.
The PDP leader said that J&K state has highly suffered at all levels due to violence and flip flop in adopting a serious and consistent approach to address the problem.
“PDP’s vision and performance which had laid a foundation for peace and resolution of the political problems was unfortunately squandered by the insensitivity and casual approach of the present state government who indulge in hoodwinking of New Delhi only to thrive on uncertainty,” MLA said.
Bhat said winds of change are now visible in J&K too. “People here have pinned hope in the electoral process as well as in their own strength to cooperate with people friendly forces in the state”.
“A new spell of value-based politics is in the offing and political parties will have to surrender to people’s ethos for a clean society and polity,” he said.
Bhat said during his constituency tour he has felt a new awakening has dawned even in remote areas where illiteracy, poverty and exploitation by criminal elements has reinforced peoples strength for resistance against evil and imposition. This, he said, offers hope for legitimate movements like PDP to strike and expand its cadres with sufficient moral and political understanding.
Expressing his optimism, he has put hope in people’s awareness and strength for success of PDP’s agenda. He said if state is brought out of present morass, Bandipora will be an equal partner in future progress and stability.


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