Musharaf’s Formula, A Mockery Of Aspirations: Geelani

Musharaf’s Formula, A Mockery Of Aspirations: Geelani

SRINAGAR: Reacting to the statement of historian and columnist, A G Noorani, wherein he had suggested resolving Kashmir dispute through Musharaf’s four point formula, chairman Hurriyat conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday said that Noorani has ignored the historical facts and has distorted realities with respect to Kashmir and denied the role played by Mohhamad Ali Jinah.
Blaming noted columnist, Noorani, for his “deliberate attempt to tarnish factual events” with respect to history and vexed Kashmir dispute, Geelani out rightly rejected Musharaf formula saying that statement made by Noorani is aimed at to create confusion.
“People of Jammu and Kashmir won’t accept any formula other than resolutions passed in United nations and reaffirmed its stand that Kashmir as a nation would oppose any such move aimed at to maintain status quo,” the separatist leader said.
Referring to Noorani’s remarks, wherein he claimed that Ali Mohammad Jinnah created impediments in plebiscite move, Geelani said: “Pakistan though approved the plebiscite, but as matter of fact had its reservations with respect to the role played by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. Neither Jinnah was afraid of results nor he ever opposed the resolution of plebiscite.”
Geelani, while clearing the “misgivings”, said Noorani’s statement does not hold any truth and Mohammad Ali Jinnah too agreed with the idea, “but in his proposal had suggested that respective governor generals of both countries after assuring the withdrawal of Indian and Tribal forcses would supervise the plebiscite move.”
“Mohammad Ali Jinnah disapproved the authority of Sheikh Mohamad Abdullah as administrator, as the former had developed close relations and intimacy with the then Prime minister Jawahir Lal Nehru,” he said.Referring to the Sheikh Abdullah’s autobiography “Aatish Chinar”, Geelani said that Abdullah too has agreed that Jinnah had asked him to review and consider his stand, but ignored the plea and signed the instrument of accession with India.While continuing with his scathing criticism on Noorani’s statement, the hurriyat leader termed his statement as lame excuse and expressed his grief over the statement wherein Noorani had denied that he has any information about the incursion of Indian forces.“On 27th of October sorties after sorties of Indian forces landed on this land and occupied it,” Geelani said. “Musharaf formula has made a mockery of aspirations and sacrifices laid by the people.”


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