Kashmiri Sikh Students Protest Sajjan’s Accquital

Kashmiri Sikh Students Protest Sajjan’s Accquital

SRINAGAR : Students belonging to Sikh community in Kashmir today protested against Delhi High Courts verdict that acquitted congress man Sajjan Kumar of all charges including instigating mob during 1984 anti-Sikh riots.Protesters shouted anti-India and anti-congress slogans and demanded death penalty to all accused including Sajjan Kumar.While talking to media students blamed government of protecting the culprits deliberately. “We have lost faith in Indian judicial system,” said Harneet Singh, a protester who was carrying a banner that read, ‘Institution of Gurmeet Studies’.
“Its a shame that the people responsible for killing Sikhs during [1984] riots are set free by court,” said another protester.


One thought on “Kashmiri Sikh Students Protest Sajjan’s Accquital

  1. pearl May 5, 2013 at 4:23 am Reply

    Nothing can be done of the indian judicial system. All these horrible acts are made to happen with the help of these damn politicians. For their own mean profits, the make these communities to ravage to death.! ’84, sikh roits , ’02 muslim roits, ’08 christian roits, now who is next..!! Shame on indian political and judicial system.!!
    Also its ‘Gurmat’ instead of ‘Gurmet’

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