Graffiti ‘Nightmare’ in City

Graffiti ‘Nightmare’ in City

SRINAGAR : Jammu and Kashmir police have launched a massive manhunt to track down the ‘miscreants’, who have put up anti-national graffiti at many places in the city.Police have registered cases in this regard and questioned several suspects but so far no arrest has been made in the case, a Delhi based wire agency reported.The first such graffiti appeared on the walls of historic Hariparbat Fort in the old city last week. “Welcome Taliban, Go India Go Back” was written across the wall of the Fort. The fort has a CRPF camp guarding it. Some media reports claim flags of Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba militant outfit were also hoisted on the wall.Similar graffiti have appeared in other parts of the city with the latest one reported from old Barzulla.At many places, police had painted over the graffiti but new graffiti have been making an appearance every other day.Earlier the graffiti which read ‘JKP (Jammu and Kashmir Police), We are coming’ had appeared at several places in the city last month.The police says that graffiti had come up after several media reports suggested that Taliban might enter Kashmir after withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan next year.


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