“Neglected Blood” Screened At Kashmir University

SRINAGAR, Kashmir — A screening event on the documentary ‘Neglected blood’ s about the sufferings of Haemophilia patients was held at Kashmir university today on world haemophilia day. The event was organised by Department of Social Work, Kashmir university.
The documentary is the reflection of the misery and hardship faced by the patients and their families due to this dreaded disease. The film has been produced by two young social workers Showkat ul Islam and Mohammad Saleem malik.
The documentary filled with heart touching visuals was appreciated by the audience .
Vice Chancellor Kashmir University Prof. Talat Ahmed while presiding over the event lauded the the efforts of the documentary makers He also highlighted the importance of such events which are directing the society towards humanity.
“It is important to have such events which are meant for the betterment of those suffering with Heamphilia,” said Prof. Talat Ahmad. Kashmir university said VC is alive to its social responsibility.
” It is priviledge for the University to host such events which are dedicated to the people who are suffering with health issues and are craving for attention. i hope that university will get the chance to host such event in future as well,” vice chancellor said.
Saleem Malik, Co-Director of the Filim, identified the Neglected Blood as a small endeavour to help the patients by putting this issue in limelight .” The sole purpose of making the Neglected blood was to highlight agony faced by the patients so that they might get some support from the government and NGOs and can fight the disease optimistically,” said Saleem Malik.
Saleem Malik also said that they will be running an advocacy campaign for creating the awareness about t the rights of these patients.
Cheif Proctor and Head of Department of bio chemistry , prof Afzal Zargar mentioned the documentary as an hair raising experience and said it is good to see the young minds devoting their time and using modern modes of communication to help the ordeal people.
Heamophilia, though it is declares as non- treatable disease, can be managed by the patients if they get proper support from the society. they should get the proper pecuniary support so that they can afford the expensive medications which are vital for heamophiac,” said Prof. Zargar.
Many aspects of the disease were discussed by Dr Abdul Majid and dr Mukhtar Masoodi, famous heamotologists from health services kashmir . They educated the audience about cause and precautions for heamophilea.
On the occasion, Head of Department Social Work, Dr Peerzada Mohammad Amin said that we must come forward and fight the disease and the social stigma associated with it..
” People Suffering with haemophilia are stigmatized in their own society, neglected when it comes giving them a proper social status “ said Prof peerda , advocating initiatives aimed at betterment of these people .
After the screening intraction session also took place where Dr Abdul Majid and Dr Mukhtar Masoodi answered to the different queries of the audience.


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